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CAIR 2021: artist in residency

Really looking forward to this years residency! I'm very fortunate to have been invited back to help run the CAIR 2021 an international artist residency based at The University of Tsukuba, Japan. You can see from the program there is quite a lot planned for the participants over the 10 days all of which is online. The format is simple; 5 international artist are paired with 5 Japanese artist and they are in turn supported by a pair of Japanese curators. The idea is that they collaborate at the end of each working day by sharing their making and reflections via zoom. The artists final outcomes will be exhibited both digitally and physically at the university campus. I will help with the studio making, curation and discussions, including running a crit for each of the artists. I will also use my own art practice as a focal point for discussion with the participants.

Last years CAIR was very successful and I published a visual journal article 'International artist interactions' in the InSEA IMAG journal no. 10. Follow the link for the full paper.

Please look out for further announcements including my PV invite for 'Recent films: hands grasping perception' at the T+ Gallery, from the 15th Feb -19th Feb.

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