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Hole In Your Soul
Monitor Gallery, UCL Oct 2018

This exhibition is a collection of recent works which investigates the relationship between the brain, the body and art making. Through a series of ink drawings, sculptures and objects  Andy creates a space to ask questions about the relationship between, the soul, anxiety, depression, dis(connection), dyslexia and creativity.  The work is interested in interior and exterior spaces, the individual and collective, the dark, the light and the grey and how these competing aspects connect to form a way of seeing and a way of being.

Andy gave a series of talks to the PGCE A&D and the MA A&D programmes at UCL IOE in the Art, Design and Museology dept during the exhibition. As an artist teacher he is interested in Visual Art Practice as Research and trans-disciplinary collaborations between artists and scientists and how these conversations can generate new knowledge. This formed a part of the dialogue with the students.

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