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Art/Artist: Symposium

University of Tsukuba, 6th Feb. 2021

I was invited to give a key note presentation by Prof. Hotokeyama at the University of Tsukuba about the work I have been undertaking with galleries and artist communities. Prof. Hotokeyama has been developing an artistic community in the mountains and woods near Tsukuba. His idea is to transform an existing leisure facility and create a space for young artists. The intension is to help young artists both financially and with professional development; this is a joint venture with the university, local business and the local council. There are also plans to develop a gallery at the centre of the site.

I was invited to talk on the theme of 'collaborations' and to use the work I have developed over the years with external partners, galleries and professional bodies etc. It was a great opportunity for me to reflect on the different organisations and institutions I have been fortunate to collaborate with over time. I was also able to talk about some of the ongoing research I am presently engaged with including the Artist Teacher Network and the Freelands Gallery.

Please see the presentation recording below:

'Collaborations: artist/gallery/university/schools in London'

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