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If, for example, you demanded an eighth card in seven-card stud because you are disabled or retarded, everyone would laugh at you. I have beaten and been beaten by grandmothers in wheelchairs, smooth-cheeked boys, nearly blind people, obviously retarded or senile players, plus lots of drunks.

Do their weaknesses hurt their play? Of course, they do. Millions of dollars are lost every night by people who can’t see the cards. Much more is lost by players who don’t understand the game, miscalculate the odds, or can’t remember which cards have been exposed, but that’s tough. If you can’t beat the game as it is, don’t play poker. If you play and lose, don’t expect sympathy

I’m a Victim

This feeling permeates the schools, workplaces, and courts. If a student fails, he and his parents blame the teachers, the textbook publishers, the government, society, everybody except the student. If a worker performs poorly, it’s the bosses’ or company’s fault. If someone commits a crime, he’s an innocent victim of bad parents, bad schools, bad companions, our culture, racism, or some mental disease.

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