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Where does empathy for others reside?

I have been thinking about my next impending exhibition Darks Days, White Nights in Finland a dialogue between art practice and academics. In an obvious way it is referring to the Scandinavian environment, its relationship to light, or lack of light, and its effect on the peoples mental health. I'm interested and thinking about the effect on the brain and how it relates to individuals and the collective; particularly as globalisation, immigration, and right wing extremism and Neo-liberalism embeds into the culture. It seems to me the title can also be taken as a social, psychological and political metaphor. Hence, I had been thinking and making drawings based around where does empathy for others reside in the brain?

My research is as always inconclusive (bloody scientists ah!) but interestingly many point to the region called Subgenual Anterior Cingulate Cortex playing a key role. Interestingly it plays a role in depression too. This mapping of the structure and process of making sense of things is investigating our emotions from the inside, how fear and anxiety about others is internally processed into behaviour.

So these sketches (maybe with text) are something I'm thinking about developing. Any thoughts?

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