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So as you are aware I'm going to Finland soon to give a paper and present some drawings in an exhibition Dark Days , White Nights.

My thoughts have been pondering on the relationship between Finland and the changing world it is engaging with, particularly the tension in rising refugees and its hardening position on immigration control. Finland, Sweden, Norway and Iceland like many other countries have a 'freedom to roam' or 'everyman's right' which gives the general public right of way for the purpose of recreation and leisure. The principle is an honourable and ancient tradition for allowing people to access and enjoy the country. Now Finland I am led to believe has 65% of its total land area covered in forest, so by this token you are allowed to wonder freely amongst the silver birch trees. My investigation and studies of the brain enquiries how we make connections in our thinking and understanding based partly on looking at synapses. The dendrites are the branched extensions of a nerve cell, along which impulses received from other cells via the synapses are transmitted to the cell body. They are tree-like structures which transfer information, through chemical and electoral signals. They are classic rhizome structures just like trees in the forest, each connected in multiple ways. Could we make connections with trees/dendrites as a process, a way of questioning, a way of mapping and a way of breaking down some of the hierarchies? (Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari's) After all the tree is one of their important national symbols too.

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