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The Black Dog goes to Japan

I'm going this week to Japan to work on the Campus Artist in Residence (CAIR 2020) programme and to show The Art of Walking #2 exhibition at the University of Tsukuba. I looking forward to 10 days of making, curating, researching and showing in the university studio's. My exhibition The Art of Walking #2 will be on display from 16th-21st Feb in the Tsukuba University Gallery.

The Black Dog drawing above shall be on show for the first time and preside over the proceedings. The small sculptor versions will stay at home, cast metal is slightly too much for BA's baggage allowance! Since showing in Monitor Gallery I have made four more new drawings which I will take to Japan. The floor piece will need some re-thinking due to the size and scale of the exhibition gallery; two sides of the gallery are glass so I can play with running the print's line across the floor more than was possible in the Monitor Gallery. I also have two other additions; a flyer in Japanese and English and a window transfer. The flyer printed by Hato Press, will be free for visitors. The design is based on a folding map, and contains on one side mages from the floor piece, and on the reverse a Japanese translation of the text. More updates will follow next week after the PV. I will also be posting on Instagram (1andyash) and so will the gallery (details to follow).

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