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isolation art views: daily challenge

Mother & Son

#isolationartviews is an instagram project I started on the 29th March 2020. I have been in isolation since the 17th March due to the coronavirus and the risk to my vulnerable daughters. I set myself a daily challenge to collect views from my window and I post one a day on my instagram account. I can't go to the studio, the university is shut till Sept, and I do not leave the flat very often so I wanted to use the chance to make art from this confined space. I set out to make a record of this moment in time, to try to be creative with very little and to observe the new virus world as it passes my window. Using my iPhone I have photographed daily scenes (to look at and inspect) and tried to make a comment (a message or a statement) upon the developing situation. I have responded to my observations and started to archive a number of emerging themes:

*social routines - walking, running, cycling, dog walking, and general interactions all while maintaining the social distancing guidance;

*working routines - those who come and go from the block, dustman, delivery drivers/bikers, postal workers, care workers etc;

*space and place - landscape, time, change, and the natural world;

dog walking

Key workers coming and going

Brighton skyline

This is the longest period of time I have ever spent in this small flat. I still struggle with depression and anxiety so the lock down brings with it many daily challenges. This is a way of taking one day and a time, to make art and reflect on this situation. I hope I can make a photographic catalogue from this expereince and this series of work.

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