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InSEA ERC webinar

‘Post Pandemic Practice in Europe: re-learning, re-thinking & re-framing’ Implications for art teachers.’

I've organised a webinar for InSEA European Regional Council, a chance for art teachers across Europe to share best practice.

Sat 3rd Oct. 2020

10.00 BST

On Zoom

Free (limited to 100 tickets)

See Eventribe link.

In my new role as ERC member I wanted to bring European art teachers together, to form an alliances and share good practice for art education. I hope to celebrate innovations and foster interconnectedness as well as to help support a move into the next phase of response and recovery.

The webinar will offer national perspectives from different European Council members:

1. Maria Letsiou (Aristotle University, Thessaloniki), Eileen Botsford (Art Education network, Syros Island), Eugenia Palla (1st Experimental Highschool, Athens) & Margarita Stavraki (2nd Junior High school, Kalamata) 'Art educators create a sense of community ' – Greece;

2. Ernst Wagner (Academy of Fine Arts, Munich) & Tim Proetel (Wittelsbacher Gymnasium, Munich) - Germany;

3. Gabriella Pataky (ELTE TOK/3612+ VisualSkillsLab & InSEA World Councillor) ‘Messages from the Future. Views of becoming Art/Visual Educators’ – Hungary;

4. Susan Coles (Independent Consultant & InSEA World Councillor), Brad Hodgson (Cramlington Learning Village, Northumberland) & Graham Mason (Royal Grammar School, Newcastle) ‘How teaching has evolved to fit around the impact of COVID19’ – UK;

5. Mira Kallio-Tavin (Aalto University & InSEA World Councillor), Sanni Virtanen (Ruusuvuori school, Vantaa), Elina Ylitepsa (Tähtikunta school, Sodankylä) & Matteus Pentti, (Ylästö school, Vantaa) – Finland;

6. Andy Ash (chair) (University College London, London), Kate Thackara (Lady Margate School, London) & Beth Lloyd (Freelands Foundation, London) ‘Thinking outside of the box’ - UK;

Please join us. Tickets are free but limited, so first come first served basis.

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