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Artist Teacher Network, what next?

I'm hosting the June Artist Teacher Network session with the Freelands Foundation next week. As the Covid situation appears to be easing we are winding down the monthly zoom meetings and this session will be the penultimate online gathering before we go back to face to face in the gallery space in the autumn. Please see details and the link below:

Title of provocation: ‘what next?’

Date: June 15th

Time: 6.30pm

Format: Zoom with PowerPoints


Louise Evans – being a part of a studio, applying for open calls, approaching galleries;

Keda Richens – reading and theory – Dark Matter – framing yourself and work;

Anna Rogers – self publishing / photo books;

Isabel Harvey – setting up a virtual gallery;

Thomas Eke & Larissa Shaw – Matters of Interest, developing networks/collaborations;

Rebecca Griffiths – becoming a freelancer;

Cara Cowan – Exhibitions.

In summary, it will be a reflective session with members of the network discussing a variety of areas of interest in 5/10 minute presentations. In response to past sessions and thinking, and now that the members are more confident in their identities as artist teachers, I ask the provocation, what next?

Presentations and discussions will be around : Creating networks/collaborating with others, engaging with critical theory, having an online profile and presenting yourself online, publishing etc. It will be practical and supportive to enable the network to follow up and pursue themes of interest individually.

The session will include a variety of voices from the network reflecting on the past sessions and asking, what do you want to do next and where could our identities and interests take us? We will conclude by asking the audience to make further suggestions for possible future steps which will be discussed in the working party session late June.

Any questions and thoughts please contact Andy (

Image 'Hand washing' Andy Ash (2021), b/w still from digital film.


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