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Brighton Artist Network: Root session

As a member of the Brighton Artist Network (BAN) I was invited to present at the first 'Root' session last week. This is a peer to peer support/ knowledge sharing opportunity for members. Each session features up to five BAN members who reveal one particular focus - or root - of their practice. By sharing the theory/philosophy/culture/historical event/political act/important figure or anything that drives them, it widens and strengthens the BAN roots.

BAN is interdisciplinary and members are encouraged to join the discussions and expand their own knowledge - regardless of practice or discipline - with a chance for questions and discussion built into the session.

The sessions are divided into loose topics/themes for cohesion and this first one was selected as being based around 'Word and/or sound'.

So feel free to watch, I've linked the YouTube recording here

I've tried to keep to the theme and relate my present body of work on Walking for consideration. Hope you enjoy.


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