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Guest curator @Freelands Foundation

5th - 9th April 2021.

For 5 days I have curated 5 images a day on the Freelands instagram account. The 25 imagers are responses for the Artisteacher Network. The members are responding to my provocation from the February session I ran where I asked 'what does it mean to be an Artist Teacher?' Each member has submitted a visual which they have recently made and a short statement explaining their positions. I curated the 5 images a day to reflect a range of positions and the different artist teachers contexts.

I am interested in this interstices, the spaces, these gaps that exist. I'm interested in relationship between the artist and making; how we make sense of the making and the relationship to teaching. I have talked about my relationship to this in the past and often use the term bricolage, and have inquired into the idea of making as constructing; a bringing together of materials. There are obvious relationships between the act of making, as an artist, and as a teacher. I think there is great potential for exploring the interweaving viewpoints, the bringing together of multiple viewpoints, in a kind of patchwork or a montage.

We will explore their understandings in the next session on 20th April at 18.30. The sessions are always collaborative and on this occasion I will chair a series of virtual break-out conversations to help engage and unpack the ideas and art work. Please feel free to join us. The sessions are free and open to everyone, but numbers are limited. Tickets are available here.


A. Ash, 'Hand Breaking Rules' a part of the 'Recent Films: Hands Catching Perceptions' series, 2021.


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