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Narcissus meets Pandora

This week I am in Valencia as I have been invited to consult and take part in a European project which is based around arts-based practice and is using digital technologies as a tool for young people to critically and socially engage in the social media content production.

#NarcissusMeetsPandora addresses crucial concerns of today’s society related to digital competences, social inclusion and education. It faces young people’s lack of capacity to produce and analyse visual media content and lack of training on digital skills by teachers and school education plans. In a changing society, social sustainability calls for the involvement of young people in creative and dynamic learning processes, taking advantage of intercultural dialogue to value diversity and positive attitude.

The project aims to develop digital skills and social engagement in an innovative way, by providing high-quality skills for stimulating the reflection and creative expression, working directly with young people’s digital portraits, starting from an intrinsic habit to develop a critical and efficient pedagogical experience.

FIRST RESULT expected is that young people are capable of producing images that represent themselves and others through digital technologies with confidence and responsibility.

SECOND RESULT expected is that young people use social media to address social, ethnic and cultural diversity, to make a positive change for communities across Europe.

THIRD RESULT expected is that teachers and youth workers feel empowered to use digital skills as a transformation tool that provides social inclusion.

It is a co-funded by Erasmus+ programme of the European Union and is a collaboration between; ERC InSEA; Casa da Imagem (Portugal); Cultureghem (Belgium); Faculdade de Psicologia e de Ciências da Educação da Universidade do Porto (Portugal); MyDocumenta (Spain);The National Museum of Contemporary Art Athens (Greece);

For latest updates and to join their newsletter on how the project develops please follow the link:


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