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Outcomes Together: CAIR x3

Exhibition now open!

Monitor Gallery, ADM, level 8, IOE UCL.

30th Jan - 10th Feb.

I want to announce the opening of the latest exhibition I've curated at the Monitor Gallery IOE based on my work with The University of Tsukuba. The Campus Artist in Residence (CAIR) was a collaborative project between The University of Tsukuba Art & Design students and UCL IOE PGCE Art & Design students and ran for 3 year's (2020, 2021 & 2022). The programme was designed to facilitate a global exposure of art education and art practice for the artist and curator participants. 2020 was a 10-day programme conducted face to face on the University of Tsukuba campus in Japan, whilst 2021 & 2022 were both online. These projects were directed by Dr Kanae Minowa and I was invited to consult and lead studio/gallery sessions whilst using my artist teacher practice as a vehicle for discussion and making. Each year I had a show in the T+ Gallery in Tsukuba - 'The Art of Walking' 2020; 'Recent Films: Hands Catching Perceptions' 2021; '#isolationartviews' 2022. The gallery space was used to develop discussion and new understanding about contemporary art, making and curating.

The Tsukuba students decided upon a theme for framing the residencys; 2020 – Interaction; 2021 – Correlate; 2022 – Feel. These themes reflected interests for inquiry and the artists were selected from their responses to the themed call. Artists and curators worked in small ‘buddy’ teams for the residency duration, collaborating in all stages of the residency, in a range of activities, including skill sharing workshops, crits, cultural excursions, socialising, online forums, social media publications, exhibiting, PV presentations, video diary production and the designing/publishing of a catalogue. The 'Outcomes Together: CAIR x3' exhibition has been curated around 5 themes. I have attempted to try to give a sense of the learning and knowledge generated by the experiences, the varied work produced and the community of practice developed by coming together over the 3 years; Reflecting Together; Changing Together; Talking Together; Making Together; and Being Together.

I hope to tell a range of visual stories and share experiences that the international artists and curators developed during the residencies. I hope to use these outcomes as a discussion focus, and as a teaching exhibition/resource for the UCL IOE students. I will be using the show and speaking to the MA Museum & Gallery 'Curating and Education' module on Thurs 2nd Feb 10-13.00, and to the PGCE Art & Design on Monday 6th Feb 14.00-15.00.


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