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The Art Of Creative Research

International contemporary art from Hong Kong, Singapore and the UK at the Art Gallery, NIE, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, all through January 2023.

Really pleased to be invited and being a part of the Singapore Biennial and Singapore National Art Week. This collaboration grew from a discourse with international colleagues about art practice as academic research, its nature and beneficial impact. It showcased a range of works by academic staff from six influential Universities in the field of art and design and art education.

The project explores practice-based research in a range of media, by 15 artists from the Education University of Hong Kong, National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, The Arts University Bournemouth, The Royal College if Arts, Cambridge University and me at University College London! Please see the website with interviews and other related project information and links.

I showed work from three recent themes in response to the theme of ‘cognition’ and ‘perception’, chosen for there inquiry and exploration of the mind, body and soul; 1.Recent Films: Hands Catching Perceptions (2020); 2. Talking Brains (2018); 3. The Art of Walking (2022).

I also took part in a panel discussion on practice based research and issue in the university system in recognising this form of knowledge production.

I look forward to being invited back in 2024!


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