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YouTube video of the InSEA ERC webinar 3.10.20

I've just loaded the first ERC webinar video to YouTube. I recently organised and chaired a really interesting discussion and a series of presentations by different European art teachers from Hungary, Finland, Greece, Germany and UK. Over 50 attendees were introduced to a range of practical projects offered by the guest art teachers. They covered a wide range of topics and reflections from the Pandemic practice, including: national context during the pandemic; the use of technology when teaching art; monsters and fears of children in art; communities; partnerships; networking experiences; environmental issues; physical and psychological issues.

At the end of the session many questions were still left unanswered. I decided to use the opportunity at the Czech InSEA conference to hold a panel discussion to pick up points about inequalities, different responses and focus on recovery for European art teachers. So on the 14th Oct 2020 I organised and chaired a panel from InSEA ERC 'revisit' .

I hope you enjoy the discussion.


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