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SHOALING with Red Herring

Latest exhibition at Regency Town House in Brunswick Square, Brighton & Hove a part of the Brighton Festival, Brighton Fringe Festival and the Artists Open House. 16th - 26th May with Private View on Thurs 16th 6pm - 8pm. See Red Herring website for events

I have 5 new pieces to show, here is my extract from the catalogue below. Catalogues available from exhibition or contact me only £3!


By Andy Ash


noun a feeling of amazement and admiration, caused by something beautiful,

remarkable or unfamiliar. A person or thing regarded as very good, remarkable, or


verb desire to know something; feel curious. Feel doubt.


noun an act or instance of wandering.

verb walk or move in a leisurely or aimless way. Move slowly away from a fixed point

or place.

I have curated a series of exhibits, including installations, objects and a sound piece

in dialogue with the Regency Town House and its history. I’m interested in walking as

a pedagogic practice, as a teaching method - a way of learning that’s lived, creative,

imaginative, personal, emancipatory, embodied and rooted in context. Walking as an

analogy of Brighton’s Regency past. In the Regency era, walking wasn’t just about

getting from one place to another; it was a leisure activity for the wealthy,

promenading, slowly and stately moving along the sea front, socialising and displaying

their wealth and importance. Wandering on Brighton’s shoreline was a very popular

Regency past time, not as a way of getting anywhere, but as a way of being

somewhere, it was essentially circular, seeing and being seen. I use objects and sound

to challenge and raise questions, to reflect and walk through time and space, to

wonder, to consider other narratives, to imagine other stories, of exploitation, money,

power, colonial wealth, control and highlight those not seen or given voice. The

sculptures appear as everyday objects but can equally be seen as museum pieces

displayed and carefully curated for the viewer like much of the past and present.

1. ‘TO W(O/A)NDER’ (2024). Black text in vinyl on front room mirror.

2. ‘The bonds that tie’ (2024). Cast feet, stone plaster and iron leg shackles.

3. ‘Se(e/a) and be seen/scene’ (2024). Walking cane, umbrella cane and sugar cane.

4. ‘To make concrete’ (2024). Leather long cuffed military riding boots, in concrete.

5. ‘Lament’ (2024). Sound piece, MP3 recording, 5 mins. Vocalist, Helen Dewhurst.


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