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Fringe Art Bath: Doris @ 44AD gallery

FaB23 is starting on Fri 26th May and I will be showing at 44AD gallery. The theme for the group show is 'Who's been sleeping in my bed? The entangled loves of people and animals'. I will be exhibiting the following art works:

1. Title: ‘24 hours: Doris: #isolationartviews’ (2022) colour digital film, MP4, 11.55mins on a loop. Needs to be projected onto a wall with speakers for sound

2. Title: ‘Doris 1 #isolationartviews’ (2022) colour photograph, A3 – unframed

3. Title: ‘Doris 2 #isolationartviews’ colour photograph, A3 – unframed

4. Title: ‘Doris 3 #isolationartviews’ colour photograph, A3 – unframed

5. Title: ‘Doris: feet’ sculpture, cast stone plaster, floor piece, 1m x 0.5m

I wrote the following from the statement:

During the covid isolation and more recently post isolation I have been obsessing over Doris the seagull, my neighbour, who lives on the roof and chimney stack of the old peoples home next door. I called her Doris (Greek origin meaning ‘gift of the ocean’) as it seemed appropriate living in Brighton on the coast. I had paid little attention to her previously. I had failed to focus in on a single bird and its existence ever before. Yet during my #isolationartviews project ( during the national lockdown, I monitored and recorded over 60 days of our life and her life (see 1andyash Instagram) . She goes through a cycle of adventures including meeting a male bird, mating, nest building, incubating the egg, depression, hatching and new life (Day 61). I was obsessed with the gaps and possible tensions that were appearing through observations, the comparisons and increasingly I entered unknown and unnoticed territories. The intension was to capture our everydayness and daily routines. Through meticulous recording of everything and anything in the immediate surroundings I set out to uncover the unimportant and insignificant. My new existence led me to an interest in Perec’s notion of ‘L’Infra-ordinary’. Perec defines Infra-ordinary as ‘an everydayness that requires a kind if quixotic or excessive attention’. He uses neologism like ‘infra-ordinary’ to describe an everyday that is ‘neither ordinary or extraordinary, neither banal nor exotic’.

This recent body of work has generated a series of pieces, a journal article, photographs, and a film. I will show a film, a small sculpture (cast) and 3 colour photographs.

If your thinking of coming to see it let me know!


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